raw mango

Anand and Anand represented Sanjay Garg of Raw Mango and the suit was disposed off within four working days, with both the parties resolving the issues amicably in a meeting mediated by FDCI President Sunil Sethi, Good earth founder Anita Lal, Pravin Anand and Journalist Shefalee vasudev; she quoted “they accepted that they had both ended up creating designs that looked similar only in photographs but were borne out of different design trajectories and inspirations”


24th June, 2018 onwards – A dispute erupted between Fashion Designers Sanjay Garg and Vaishali Shadangule that was widely reported in the press and social media.

4th July, 2018 – Case filed by Raw Mango against Vaishali Shadangule before the Delhi High


5th July, 2018 – Case came up before the Court. Notice issued upon the Defendant, to be served by e-mail. The Court also passed a direction that the parties should refrain from making irresponsible statements before the Press.

6th July, 2018 – E-Mail Service was effectuated upon the Defendant.

8th July, 2018 – Meeting of the Plaintiff and the Defendant along with well-wishers and representatives of the Fashion Development Council of India (“FDCI”). Suit settled.

9th July, 2018 – The application for settlement moved in Court and the suit finally disposed off in terms of the settlement and court fees of Rs. 1 lakh refunded.

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