Amazon India Fashion Week 2017

amazon india fashion week 2017

Not just the latest designs, how the fashion community is protecting them also the talk of the town at Amazon India Fashion Week.

Organised by Amazon India and the Fashion Design Council of India, AIFW brought together over 100 designers showcasing not just creativity in design but creative use of unorthodox materials.

Safir Anand attended many of the shows and interacted with designers during the course of the event. A key takeaway – designers need to formalise contracts with their teams. That and it is imperative that the design community continues to engage in understanding the scope of rights, scope of protection, advantages of protection and the advantages of enforcement.

Safir Anand released Fashion Dossier Vol.2 at the show, highlighting how the fashion community has started to solve its IP conundrums.

Read more as Safir Anand talks to the Patriot about how protecting originality is key to saving of the fashion industry itself. He has been invited by the Fashion Design Council of India to its Board of Directors to “help members solve copyright issues”.

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