Anand and Anand Celebrates World Art Day

Anand and Anand hosted a first of its kind interactive session of various participants to understand first-hand the issues and concerns that plague the art world.

The guest speakers for the evening represented some of the key constituents of the art world. The discussion between panelists Manisha Gera Baswani (an artist), Aparajita Jain (a gallerist) and Rajiv Savara (an art collector) and the audience was stimulating and allowed us to identify the vacuum that exists in the current Indian laws relating to the world of the arts, antiquities and cultural heritage. While it was recognized that some of the pertinent issues faced in India were those of authenticity disputes and forgeries, for a more holistic development of the field, the importance of mitigation of risk in transactions relating to this fragile and invaluable subject matter was not lost on anyone.

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