Anand and Anand won the pre-grant opposition on behalf of Novo-Nordisk

nova nordisk

Anand and Anand, patents team represented Novo-Nordisk and won the pre-grant opposition on their behalf that was filed on 19th April, 2007 against an Indian application.  The opponent had based the opposition on major grounds such as anticipation and inventive step which were overcome by the submissions made by our team before the Controller.

As a result, the patent application was allowed to proceed for grant in view of our submissions made under section 25(1) and section 14 of the Indian Patents Act. The invention related to an injection device / injector pen for administering a medicinal dose to a patient. The patent discloses a complex mechanical technology pertaining to the structural and functional features of the injection device and it was a challenge to present the same in a simplified manner. However, the difficult task was accomplished by our team who convinced the Controller to receive a favorable decision for Novo-Nordisk.