Anti-Counterfeiting: A Global Guide

A chapter by Saif Khan and Shobhit Agarwal looking at anti-counterfeiting provisions in Indian legislation.

India continues to adopt strict measures to address counterfeiting and piracy, both of which have increased in India’s growing economy. The most noticeable efforts have come from the pro-rights holder Indian judiciary. The chapter takes an in-depth look at the laws governing the intellectual property regime in the country and the central role of the Indian Penal Code in penalising counterfeiting and piracy. Legislation such as the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, in conjunction with efforts of the border agencies, also highlight efforts to counter adulterated and misbranded products. And then there’s the internet.

The authors discuss in detail some of the more effective anti-counterfeiting strategies and enforcement options, physical and digital, that rights holders can action to mitigate the risk of piracy and minimise the loss of revenue caused it.

This chapter was published in WTR Anti-Counterfeiting 2016.

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