Businesses That will Survive Covid: Pharma Opportunities Beyond the Obvious

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Due to the unprecedented circumstances following the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have faced disruption. In this context, ET NOW invited our Senior Partner, Safir Anand, to share his strategic insights on Businesses that will Survive Covid.

Safir spoke about “Value Migration” at play in the economy where certain businesses are losing out and others migrating to digital. He took inspiration from a book by Adrian Slywotzky.

He highlighted that there is a robust collaboration between technology, platform businesses and other businesses. There is a huge shift to online which is massively under-penetrated and which will create immense opportunities including for IT and startups.

There will be a tactical shift from urban to rural and products catering to an underexposed consuming sector, with cash from agri boom.

Big opportunities will lie in disease and lifestyle management with the confluence of technology and pharma.

There’s been a large shift from the unorganised to the organised players such as Amazon, Flipkart that have made concepts like ‘country of origin’, ‘source of manufacture’ and ‘Amazon Registry’ mandatory, dismantling counterfeiting immensely, boosting brand owners.

Digital advertising will be more personalised, creating new jobs for the creative community.

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