Celebrating World IP Day with a GI Party

world ip day 2014 gi party

What better way to celebrate Word IP Day than to celebrate it!

India is known to be rich in its culture and heritage, spawning a large number of geographical indications and traditional knowledge. So we decided to throw a pot luck picnic, but with a catch.

Everyone was asked to choose an ingredient, wine, spirit or handicraft from the list of Geographical Indications registered in India. The ingredient was to be used in a dish that they would prepare, handicrafts would be displayed. As for the wines and spirits – they were for display too.

The idea resulted in a colourful display of handicrafts from all over India including madhubani art, kannjeevaram sarees, kondapalli toys, kashmiri paper machie, blue pottery of jaipur, kashmir pashmina and rajasthani hand puppets.

Continuing with the GI theme, the lavish food spread boasted of feta cheese salad, biryani made from basmati rice, malabar pepper chicken, mango salsa made with naga chillies and bikaneri bhujia. darjeeling tea (hot and iced) and juice from nagpur oranges were served as refreshments. Dessert included agra ka petha (a sweetmeat made from pumpkin), the famous alphonso mango, bourbon filled cupcakes and lonavla chikki. The bar consisted of scotch whisky, agave tequila, goan feni (a local drink made in Goa by fermenting cashew), champagne and nashik valley wine.

The food was devoured, the handicrafts were appreciated, the alcohol was reserved, and each one had to speak of one GI and educate the others. All in all it was a fun, educative and unique experience which ended with a GI pop quiz and a photo-op!