Christian Louboutin’s RED SOLE Declared Well-Known

delhi high court logo building

Delhi High Court finds in favour of Christian Louboutin, upholding its RED SOLE trademark, and states the trademark to have acquired a ‘well-known character’.

The suit was instituted against Delhi-based stores that were found infringing the RED SOLE design, a defining and world famous feature of Christian Louboutin shoes. The RED SOLE trademark has been registered in numerous countries around the world, including in India.

Noting that Christian Louboutin has presence in over 60 countries, has extensively used its trademark, and is popular amongst customers in India, the court stated that Christian Louboutin’s “RED SOLE trademarks have acquired a well-known character”.

The court noted that Local Commission had discovered physical evidence that the defendants were dealing in counterfeit Christian Louboutin shoes. Moreover, they were being promoted on Facebook, and on e-commerce platforms.

The court granted a permanent injunction and awarded over Rs.10 lakhs towards damages and legal costs.

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