COVID-19 And Its Effect on IP Registrations

Anand and Anand

Asia IP, in their recent feature, “Months into the pandemic, what has been the effect on IP registration”, sought our Senior Partner, Safir Anand’s insights.

Safir stated, “While there is not an overall increase in filings, there is a rise in certain spheres of innovation, especially in pharma and digital technology which has eventually steered registrations in the supplementary trademark classes. With work-from-home becoming the new norm, businesses around the globe are testing and upgrading their technology infrastructure to give seamless work familiarity to their employees working remotely. The lack of physical experience and interaction in the market has also led to unique online experiences for the consumers.”

He added that the shift is not just limited to these industries, but that the education system is also moving towards digitalization with classes and examinations being held virtually. This change has led to a massive pool of innovation coming in. Similarly, on the pharma side, several businesses applying for trademarks of medicines, sanitizers, surgical equipment, masks, immunity boosters, electronic gadgets, etc. have boosted IP registrations to protect their inventions and innovations.

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