Cultivating New Business Strategies for Brand Owners via Associated Trademarks in India

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Pravin Anand and Prachi Agarwal talk about the opportunities associated trademarks provide to expand the scope of business, all the while ensuring the connection between brands originating from a common source remains.

At the pace at which trends are changing, contemporary business demands slight modifications/additions in their trademark with every new service or product that traders and businessmen aspire to introduce in the market – or even for the purpose of introducing similar and identical commodities under same or similar trademarks.

The concept of associated trademarks allows brand owners who wish to expand the scope of their business, or even create sub-brands in addition to or deriving from the existing primary brand, to file new trademark applications as associated with the prior trademark, with different specifications sometimes also overlapping with the earlier trademark.

This article was published in Asia IP April 2017.