Delhi High Court orders service of summons via Whatsapp for the first time

delhi high court board

Tata Sons v John Doe takes another turn for the interesting, after the Delhi High Court orders for the first time service of summons on one of the defendants through Whatsapp and text message.

In an earlier order, the court had directed Internet Service Providers to reveal the identities of four unidentified defendants who had created email addresses for the purposes of sending derogatory and defamatory emails against a senior executive of a Tata company.

Three of the defendants were served at their respective addresses. The court ordered, for the first time, service of summons through Whatsapp as well as text message for the fourth, after service of summons could not be completed at his available address.

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Tata Sons Limited & anr v John Doe & ors.; before the Delhi High Court; Order dated 27.04.2017

(Update on 19.7.2017: Inspiring other courts to use these means to serve notices.)