Flashback: Brainchild, bringing IP to the theatre

On the firm’s 90th anniversary, we look back to ‘Brainchild’, the world’s first play on Intellectual Property, conceived by Pravin Anand.

Promoted with the objective of creating awareness of intellectual property issues, ‘Brainchild’ sought to educate the common man on the importance of intellectual property rights. Telling of the travails of a director and his personal experiences with intellectual property, the play was based on a true life case personally fought by Pravin Anand.

It was directed by Mr. Roysten Abel, a Graduate of the National School of Drama and one of India’s most prolific and avant-grade theatre directors, with the script of the play authored by Mr. Farookh Dhondy, a well known contemporary script writer and one of the most original and innovative script writers in the Indian film industry.

The play was produced by “Jack in the Box” which was started by Mr. Dhruv Jagasia who is a theatre actor whose objective is to produce contemporary theatre and films under the banner. Staged at the Shri Ram Centre, Auditorium, New Delhi from 9th – 11th September 2005, with the show on the 9th being invitation only.