The harmony of IP and Brand Creation

Anand and Anand

Developing a brand and its impact on the market is important for any thriving business…Safir Anand says “Intellectual property plays an integral part in business development through strategies focused on brand creation and visibility”. Anand and Anand as an IP firm has been active in the areas of Brand creation and Product roll-out.

With that, we are pleased to inform that Safir Anand was invited to join the Board of Directors of JHS Svendgaard Brands Limited and has been a member since August 2018. The first roll-out of the strategy having started, he talks about the harmony of intellectual property and brand creation categorized into four distinct functionalities:

  1. Using intellectual property knowledge in areas relating to brand creation;
  2. Creating strategies for product roll-out in order to maximise the strength of distribution networks (licensing/franchising/distribution);
  3. Maximizing brand visibility including through advertisements;
  4. Synergizing celebrity chosen for endorsements in accordance with the brand ideology.