How courts are tackling internet related legal issues

Indian courts have had to address many legal issues arising from the development of the Internet – from passing off to phishing, metatagging and jurisdictional matters.

The Internet dominates our life more than any other socio-economic phenomenon in the history of our civilization.

For individuals and corporations alike, it opened up a world of opportunities for both legitimate and illegitimate activities. It is a giant copying machine and, therefore, it has the potential to devastate copyright owners. A single click to distribute and circulate content to thousands of recipients can cause immense damage at little or no cost to the sender. The sender’s identity can remain concealed in the anonymity mesh of the Net so no effective action can be taken beyond freezing the infringing site. This article examines how Indian law has tackled a variety of internet issues.

Authored by Pravin Anand.

This article was published in World Trademark Review February/March 2009.

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