IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders

IAM Strategy 300 invited our Senior Partner, Safir Anand, to share his insights on his successful career journey and tips for other IP practitioners looking to progress.

Safir highlighted that a good IP strategy must evolve with the times. It must anticipate not only growth but future growth and be positioned for this. It must assess risks of obsolescence or theft including within the set-up. It must assess titles, be consistent and scalable and it should embrace the ease of conversion with new technologies.

Speaking of the future of the intellectual property as a business asset, Safir stated, “Today, business leaders across the globe are becoming increasingly IP savvy and acknowledging that intellectual assets hold greater value than physical assets in the quest for competitive advantage. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must keep innovating to include new products and services in their offerings, explore new avenues to expand sales and chart new markets beyond geographical barriers. They will need to keep identifying new ways to harness the full potential of their intellectual property…”

IAM says, “Possessing a keen business sense and a nose for opportunity, Safir Anand pulls all the right levers to help clients bring about overall growth. He also protects companies’ IP to the hilt which fuels confidence in commercial business decision-making”.

Read the full interview here.

Earlier this year, Safir Anand was ranked as IAM Strategy 300 Global Leader. Read the full report here

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