The Impact of COVID-19 on IP Proceedings in India

Anand and Anand

As a result of the nationwide lockdown announced by the Government of India, several institutions across the country have suspended operations at least till this date.

The initial lockdown was till April 14, 2020. The same was extended further till May 3, 2020.

The courts have been alive to the difficulties facing the litigants in such times and have taken several measures from hearing urgent matters via video conferencing to cancelling summer vacations.

On March 23, the Supreme Court of India took suo motu cognizance of challenges faced by the country due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including the difficulties that legal practitioners and litigants may face. To obviate such difficulties and also to limit physical presence, the Supreme Court invoked its plenary powers under Article 142 of the Constitution to extend the period of limitation in all proceedings with effect from March 15 till further orders.

The Delhi High Court and the IP offices have announced several measures which will affect IP proceedings.

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 Team: Vaishali Mittal and Siddhant Chamola