Intellectual Property Rights in Sports

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Our Sports practice group undertakes an analysis on the commercial potential of IP rights in the sports industry.



Intellectual Property Rights lie at the heart of the enormous business opportunities offered by the sports industry. IP rights (particularly licensing, trademarks and broadcasting rights) and the legal security they offer help to secure the monetary potential of this industry. This invigorates development of the sports industry, empowering sporting associations to fund prominent sporting events, and provides the means to realize advancements in sports. Business transactions related with sponsorship, marketing, TV and media arrangements are all based on IP rights.

Sports display IP innovation in action. Patents energize innovation that brings about advances in sports equipment. Trademarks, brands and designs give a unique character and distinctiveness to sporting competitions and teams taking part in these competitions. Copyright-related rights create the revenue required for broadcasters to invest in the expensive undertaking of the telecast of sporting events to sports fans throughout the world. IP rights are the premise of licensing and merchandising agreements which are essential for commercial exploitation of IP in the sports industry.

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