Interim injunction against use of VERIZON mark in real estate

The Delhi High Court granted an ex parte interim injunction restraining the defendants from making use of the plaintiffs’ VERIZON marks in any manner, including as a domain name, in a suit for trademark infringement, passing off, dilution, unfair competition, etc.

Besides being one of the leading providers of mobile, wireless and IT services in the world, Verizon is also engaged in real estate services under their VERIZON trademarks.

Upon discovering that the defendants were misusing the mark VERIZON in relation to their business of selling real estate and other construction related projects, the plaintiffs initially issued cease and desist letters to curb unauthorised use of their registered trademarks. However, the unresponsiveness of the defendants made it necessary to file a law suit.

Verizon Trademark Services LLC & Ors. v Mr. Rama Krishana & Anr.