Largest Manufacturer of Beverages Agrees Collaboration with Media Major

Madhu Rewari and Nivodita Sharma assisted India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of beverages, in successfully concluding its business collaboration with India’s largest media conglomerate.

The team played a crucial role in formalising the multifaceted collaboration encompassing the goodwill of the two majors, deploying a mix of the advertising supremacies and mass consumer base.

The team advised the client in instituting this collaboration and evaluating various risks involved in subscription of shares and warrants in the new company. The team incorporated potentially approving provisions in the relevant documents to avoid any complicated maze. As a part of the complex arrangement, an Advertisement Agreement was drafted channelizing the funds towards various modes of advertisements and created a smooth Line of Credit in the agreement.

In the course of finalising the transaction, the team advised the client on delicate issues relating to exercise of warrants, ownership of rights in intellectual property, favourable non-compete, Right of First Refusal, Tag-along rights, Drag-along rights, discharge of Line of Credit, tranches of advertisement release and severance.

In relation to the above and other points of concern, the team contributed many rounds of discussions with the legal and business team of the other party and reviewed, revised and negotiated the best of the interest of our client and successfully concluded the transaction.