Launch of our Special Purpose Vehicle

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It gives us great pleasure to introduce our new entity, “M/s. Anand & Anand & Gaggar” (A&A&G).

This special vehicle has been created after realizing the vacuum which exists in the competition, intellectual property and technology law interface. While individually the organisations have achieved excellence in their respective fields, it was often seen that business corporations had to seek individual advice from each field’s experts. The smaller limb of the problem saw corporations having to spend more resources and time than desired. However, the bigger limb of this problem often saw contrary advice and recommendations being given by experts. Since IP and antitrust law are so closely connected, the slightest variation in advice leads to drastic consequences.

United by their vision to innovate and deliver bespoke solutions, the law firms Anand and Anand, and Gaggar & Partners have joined hands in this very niche but hugely important vertical of law and aim to provide end-to-end services ranging from “Intellectual Property” law-related services to “Competition” law-related due diligence, commercial licensing of patents, FRAND rates for SEPs’, audit, compliance, regulatory and policy, advisory, M&A clearance, and bad faith litigation. A&A&G is the first of its kind law firm in India that would deliver tailor-made solutions pertaining to this niche vertical.

The new entity A&A&G is very well poised to provide holistic services to deliver legal support for complex issues as an interface between Intellectual property, Technology and Competition laws in India.