LITCON 2017: Evolving Landscape of IP Litigation in India and Abroad

Anand and Anand is the Conference Partner for LITCON 2017 (3rd edn), to talk about the ‘Evolving Landscape of IP Litigation in India and Abroad’, being organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

The conference is bringing together eminent speakers from the judiciary, government and policy and IP experts to discuss issues and considerations in IP litigation today.


On the agenda are:

  • Emerging trends in IP Litigation: A Global Perspective
  • Choosing the right bucket: Overlapping IP rights
  • Optimizing costs and timelines for a win-win scenario: Litigation vis-a-vis Arbitration
  • Recent case Laws in Patents, Designs and Trademarks: Shaping Indian IP Jurisprudence
  • Special Forums and Special Treatment for IP Litigation in India – The Way Forward

See here for the latest programme.