Masterclass on Design Protection by the FDCI

The Fashion Design Council of India has been on a constant move to deploy a robust machinery to empower the fashion fraternity to come together and fight the growing and recurring issue of plagiarism and has identified IPR as a major solution to tackle the menace of copycats.

In one of its recent endeavours, the FDCI at the India Couture Week organized a Masterclass on Design Protection to urge fashion designers to protect their original creations against fakes under IPR laws and invited Safir Anand to create a heightened level of IPR awareness on the protection mechanism and much more.

Safir Anand serves on the Board of FDCI and has led several initiatives to create awareness of IPR in the fashion industry including publications such as the Fashion Dossier Vol 1 and Fashion Dossier Vol 2.

He shared his views on how various famous brands effectively tackle copycats. For example, Burberry successfully protected its trademarked check pattern against checkered scarves sold by Target.

He talked about how designers can act upon violation of their drawings, patterns and embroidery. He also deliberated on having a regulatory body “It need not be a statutory recognition but just enough to maintain registries…and would be more like a watchdog”

Safir also talked about the steps taken by some designers like Rohit Bahl and Anju Modi, the latter having intelligently watermarked her designs on website.

The Masterclass on Design Protection was widely covered by the media including the Hindustan Times, Pioneer, etc. where he shared his views on the rising plague of plagiarism in the fashion industry.

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