Metacognition in the era of Cognitive Computing

Rajiv Maheshwari conducted a half-day workshop on metacognition as part of the Refresher Program for the faculty at Institute of Law, Nirma University.

A significant gap is emerging between the academia and the demands of the modern work-place. This ever-increasing gap poses severe challenges to graduating students. The rapid pace of change calls for a continuous upgrade of knowledge and skills, since one-time education is no longer sufficient. It is indeed time for the rise of autodidacts, who tread on a journey of life-long learning.

This is a clarion call for fundamentally re-visiting and potentially even overhauling the legal education system. With the rapid adoption of cognitive computing that builds upon AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing), even among law firms, it may also be an opportune time to think about the skills and attributes required for the Future of Work.

The emerging landscape will reward those who align their cognitive abilities to the demands of the era of cognitive computing. The interactive workshop conducted by Rajiv Maheshwari examined myriad aspects of metacognition and raised thought provoking questions on thinking itself.

This session was a part of the fortnight long Refresher Program organized by Institute of Law, Nirma University. The program invited experts from numerous fields “to build GEMS to nurture CHAMPs (Creative Holistic Altruistic Maverick Problem Solver) for the legal profession”.