Patent Dos and Don’ts for Entrepreneurs

Patents can add real value to an innovative venture – they not only increase both the speed and amount of VC funding but also can help stave off competition both in India and abroad.

Many successful Indian start-ups, including Flipkart and Makemytrip, have filed and obtained patents in India for their technology. This article discusses some patent dos and don’ts that an entrepreneur must keep in mind:

  1. File for a patent before publicly disclosing your invention
  2. If your employee works on an invention, make sure you have the invention assigned to your company
  3. File for a patent early
  4. Not every invention may be patentable but a patent lawyer can help you identify those inventions which qualify
  5. Patents give territorial rights
  6. Don’t use patented technology without a license
  7. Announce your patent rights

Authored by Aditya Gupta.

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