Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright and Designs in India: Overview

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Practical Law’s latest Country Guide provides an overview of the IPRs covering patents, trademark, copyright, designs and trade secrets in India. Members from all practices of the firm contribute to explaining the legal and administrative frameworks behind the protection and enforcement of these IP rights.

The guide provides a comprehensive go-to for some of the key considerations that must be taken into account when intellectual property rights are sought to be protected in India. The ‘Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright and Designs in India: Overview’ Q&A discusses what aspects of intellectual property can be protected and how. The guide covers various options to protect IP, discussing oppositions, litigation and enforcement.

Responses contributed by Neeti Wilson, Vidisha Garg, Swati Sharma, Revanta Mathur, K Premchandar, Amita Arora and Aditya Gupta.

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