Recent Decisions of the Competition Commission of India

Swati Sharma and Abhilasha Nautiyal look at the CCI’s reactions to developments in e-commerce, practices used by start-ups and the changing attitudes to intellectual property.

This past year, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) juggled with varied practices in several industries. Notably, the CCI was faced with questions involving e-commerce players, start-ups, government-owned businesses, and the interplay of intellectual property and competition law.

This report first analyses the decisions of the CCI involving e-commerce players. It then focuses on the CCI’s order directing an investigation against an Indian start-up taxi aggregator running the popular Ola cabs. Next, the report examines the intellectual property law questions that the CCI dealt with over the past year. Finally, it discusses the CCI’ s treatment of concerted action by government-owned businesses.

This article was published in Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law December 2015.

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