Reshaping the Perception of the Strength of Indian IP Law

India has been on the receiving end of recent criticism from both the United States Trade Representative and the Global Intellectual Property Center. Pravin Anand and Vaishali Mittal argue that the poor rankings no longer accurately reflect the realities of India’s IP regime.

Former British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli once said that in a progressive country, change is a constant, that change is inevitable. The past few years have seen plentiful developments – changes – in the Indian IP regime. The courts judiciary has consistently delivered landmark decisions in every filed of IP, be it patents, copyright or trademark. The government has gained widespread global appreciation for its numerous initiatives to strengthen IP, while the legislature has passed new laws that not only prioritize IP disputes (due to their commercial importance), but ensure that they are adjudicated through specialised forums.

This article was published in Asia IP September 2016.

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