Role of Customs in Protecting India’s Consumers and Economy from Counterfeits

Sharing their insights at the CBEC-REACT-ICC BASCAP workshop on countering counterfeiting with the help of customs, Dhruv Anand and Manish Biala talk about enforcement in the physical and digital worlds.

Dhruv Anand spoke on the ‘Role of Customs in Online and Market Enforcement’, discussing how the courts are dealing with the propagation of counterfeiting on online platforms. Particularly, Dhruv elucidated the role and liability courts are acceding to intermediaries.

Manish Biala was invited to be part of the session, ‘Role of Customs in Stopping Counterfeits in India and Related Challenges’. Manish talked about the role and powers of customs officials in conducting after-market raids, and the need for greater verification of importers’ identities.

The workshop was organised by BASCAP (an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)), and REACT, in association with the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC).   piracy

Read the summary and recommendations from the meeting.

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