Safir Anand Re-Appointed to INTA’s Commercialization of Brands Committee for 2022-2023

Commercialization of Brands INTA

Senior Partner and Head of Trademarks, Safir Anand has been re-appointed to INTA’s ‘Commercialization of Brands Committee’ for 2022-2023.

The Committee is tasked with developing best practice guidelines relating to the in-market commercialization of brand offerings and considers brand valuation, brand evaluation, brand growth strategies for SMEs and entrepreneurs, due diligence, and related issues to support the commercial success of product and service offerings.

Earlier, as part of the leadership team of the brands committee, Safir played a significant role in the preparation of INTA’s Brand Value special Task Force Report which was released in April 2020. He has been actively engaging in various fora spreading awareness about IPR as a tool for protecting and developing brands and businesses. He has been leading his team in working on IPOs and Venture Capital deals thereby improving the way IP is seen in the market and helping many companies scale up value. His team takes care of the finest of the details and develop trends that are definitive of the evolution of the IP market.

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