Six Blind Men and the Elephant

linkedin six blind men

Describing the state of HR Digitisation is akin to the proverbial six blind men describing an elephant: each of them can’t help but have a contrasting opinion on the subject.

The world has been in a state of constant flux, and, a couple of key components related to Digitisation of HR in particular, have changed at a much more rapid pace in the last few decades. Firstly, the contribution and the centrality of people has increased on a massive scale since the Industrial Revolution, and, consequently there has been been a crying need for HR to re-invest itself. Secondly, and more recently, there has been digital tsunami aided by technological advances and the information explosion that has transformed our lives in innumerable ways.

However, not all constituents of the ecosystem, organisations or industries, have moved at the same pace. We all are at different points on the path of evolution, and maybe even on different paths altogether. Consequently, the perceived reality is different for each, and, yet none of the blind men are incorrect in their respective observations.

Authored by Rajiv Maheshwari.

This article was published in Human Capital January 2017.

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