Syngenta Participations AG and Anr vs. GSP Crop Science Private Limited, CS (COMM) No. 1153 of 2018

Anand and Anand
  1. The suit was filed regarding infringement of Syngenta’s Pymetrozine (PYME) Patent registered as Indian Patent No. IN 224651, titled “PYMETROZINE DIHYDRATE AND TAUTOMERS AND SALTS THEREOF” concerning novel insecticidally active dihydrate of pymetrozine as well as tatutomers and salts of the kind.
  2. The patent is valid in India till May 2020, and is sold under the brand name ‘Chess’.
  3. The suit was filed against GSP, at the Delhi High Court in September 2018. In June 2018, the Indian authorities had granted registration of PYME 50WG to GSP, to manufacture and sell PYME 50WG in India.
  4. On testing this registered product, it was established that the product PYME 50WG infringed Syngenta’s patent.

As a result of the litigation and after months of ongoing negotiation, the patent suit was settled vide order dated 28 May 2019 of Hon’ble Justice Prathiba Singh and a license was entered into between the parties. In addition, GSP also agreed to withdraw the revocation petition challenging Syngenta’s Pymetrozine patent.

Team Anand and Anand: Pravin Anand, Archana Shanker, Prachi Agarwal, Ridhie Bajaj and Preeti Aggarwal.