The Evolving Role of the New-Age IP Lawyer

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In a tell-all interview with BW Legal World, our Senior Partner, Safir Anand, looks back at his successful journey as an IP leader and value enhancer, the milestones along the way, the evolution of law and the lawyers, and some interesting anecdotes.

Safir shared, “Over the years I have learned, and which truly helped is, always be a good practitioner and to be so, one must be a good student- always willing to learn; have an adaptive personage and be a passionate explorer. One must believe that he/she is in the field of services and thus has a demand only if he/she extracts solutions to problems in the most efficient way.

The mental space of solving a problem is a challenge with a lot of excitement and the more he/she owns the skills within the ambit of available facts and precedents and with a view on being futuristic and aligned to business the better he/she would prosper”.

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Earlier this year, Safir won the BW Businessworld Global Leaders award in the category, “Most Innovative Lawyer of the Year” 2020 at the second edition of the BW Global Legal Summit.

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