Where are brands going wrong in China?

What is common between Apple, Pfizer and Michael Jordan? All three are famous brands. All three have a distinct fan following and consumer base. All three have lost trademark battles in China.

Recently in May 2016, Apple lost the right over its famous trademark ‘iPhone’ in China to a Chinese leather goods manufacturer as it failed to prove that ‘iPhone’ had gained popularity or had become famous for its goods before the Chinese maker obtained registration for the trademark IPHONE in China.

In 2015, Michael Jordan lost rights over the mandarin transliteration of his name i.e. Qiaodan to a Chinese imitator.  The court held that ““Qiaodan” is not the only name that corresponds to “Jordan,” and “Jordan” is only an ordinary surname of American people, not a full name. The court concluded that the evidence presented before it was not enough to prove that the term/name “Qiaodan” determinedly pointed to Michael Jordan…” Jordan has appealed this decision before the Supreme Court of China and the final decision is awaited.

Authored by Astha Negi.

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