Who’s Who Legal Recognizes Global Leaders

Whos Who Legal - Pravin Anand, Safir Anand and Archana Shanker of Anand and Anand
Who’s Who Legal 2019

In their indomitable quest to unleash the power of intangibles and harness the untapped Intellectual Property (IP) potential through specialized IP services, our leaders have been recognized across various practice areas including Patents, Trademarks, Life Sciences – Patent Litigation and Data – Information Technology.

The Global Leader listing by Who’s Who Legal features Pravin Anand, Safir Anand and Archana Shanker – among the flagbearers of the world’s legal fraternity.


Global Leader – Pravin Anand

Pravin Anand has been recognized as ‘Global Leader’ in the following segments:

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Life Sciences – Patent Litigation
  • Data – Information Technology

He has been recognized as a “Global Elite Thought Leader” in Trademark and is the only Indian lawyer in this illustrious list of top 38 Trademark practitioners globally.

Who’s Who Legal says

Pravin Anand is a leading figure in the Indian IP market who commands great respect from peers for his ability on cross-border patent litigation.

The publication also features an exclusive interview with him about a variety of topics including his journey, inspiration and his perspective on the market and the future challenges. Sharing his pearls of wisdom on what goes into the making of a successful patent litigator Pravin Anand said, “A patent litigator must, of course, understand both science and the law and to a great extent, must be a good communicator. He or she must know how to demystify the science and explain things in simple English”.


Global Leader – Safir Anand 

Safir Anand has been recognized as ‘Global Leader’ in Trademarks. Who’s Who Legal says

Safir Anand is highlighted by commentators for his “fantastic mind when it comes to trademark prosecution work”.

Global Leader – Archana Shanker

Archana Shanker has been recognized as ‘Global Leader’ in Patents. Who’s Who Legal says

Archana Shanker impresses market commentators with her profound ability when it comes to patent litigation and prosecution