WTR 1000 Rankings 2018

WTR Global Leaders 2020

“…WTR 1000 shines a spotlight on the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in this critical area of practice…” and has ranked us topmost in trademarks practice; Enforcement and Litigation and Prosecution and Strategy.

Pravin Anand and Safir Anand have been recognized as leading lawyers.

“Indian trademark professionals unanimously agree that Anand and Anand has some of the best IP litigation skills in the country. Its reputation in this regard is international and foreign associates are quick to recommend the firm as “a tremendous organization you can rely on heavily”

Cited for his “innovative and imaginative” approach… Pravin Anand is a redoubtable force on the contentious side of the practice and has a slew of ground-breaking victories on his résumé. An international thought leader, he is also a respected author and speaker on IP topics.

His gold-tier counterpart on the prosecution side is Safir Anand, who heads the trademark and commercial IP department. He possesses broad expertise and can advise brand owners holistically, taking into consideration advertising, marketing and labelling law, among others.

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