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WTR Global Leaders 2019 - Pravin Anand and Safir Anand of Anand and Anand

We are pleased to share that our leaders, Pravin Anand and Safir Anand have been recognized as “Global Leaders” by WTR and featured in the “WTR Global Leaders 2019- Interviews with the Pinnacle of the Trademark Profession“. This exclusive publication by WTR includes interviews with an elite group of 43 forerunners of the global trademark fraternity including corporate trademark and private practice. These elite practitioners offer guidance into career development, practice management and trademark industry trends.

In the interview, talking about how he perceives leadership in the field of Intellectual Property, Pravin Anand said, “In the IP WTR Global leaders - Pravin Anandfield, leadership involves more than simply looking after your own clients’ business. It involves making sure that the law grows in a balanced, healthy and transparent way”.

Giving one piece of advice to lawyers starting their career in Intellectual Property, he stated that “success comes with time and young lawyers need to progress patiently through what might appear to be a slow process”.


Safir Anand shared his take on the big trends that will affect IP professionals and owners in India in the next few years. He WTR Global leaders - Safir Anandsaid, “I predict that there will be a transition in the role of a lawyer to a business strategist, an IP portfolio manager, a watch dog, an embracer of technology and an enhancer of value. I believe that every matter – from pleadings to arguments, searches and agreements – will be highly interconnected with valuation, corporate governance, ethics, good practices, flexibility and endurance. Thus, lawyers will have to juggle aggression, defence and mediation to offer clients successful IP protection”.
Read the full interview for more insights from Safir.