FT Innovative Lawyers Awards Asia Pacific 2020

Financial Times, as a part of their FT Innovative Lawyers Awards Asia Pacific 2020, held their virtual awards ceremony on 6th August to celebrate the best in innovation in the field of law across the Asia Pacific region.

Safir Anand won the coveted award in the Innovative Practitioner category for Asia Pacific 2020 and was invited to share his insights on what it takes to be an innovative lawyer.

Safir has been providing strategic solutions to multidimensional business needs ranging from disruptive innovation to risk management to corporate governance. From protecting sonic identities to festivals, and sound marks to creating the first-ever business centric IP chat show to composing his original music- Let’s Calm the World, Safir has been at his innovative best. He debuts soon with his book CHRYSALIS, a story of IP in the life of Brands.

He not only meets the new-age business demands, his advice on monetizing brands and other intellectual property helps fetch a sumptuous Return on Legal Expenses (ROLE) for his clients, thus redefining the “role” of the new-age lawyer.

We applaud the sheer brilliance of Safir’s contribution to the legal industry and a rich gamut of leading businesses and thank our clients for their profound faith in our innovative endeavours.

Read more here: https://www.ft.com/content/2d628918-bd20-11ea-a05d-efc604854c3f

Linkedin image - FT - Innovative Practitioner