BW Global Legal Awards: Most Innovative Lawyer of the Year 2020

BW Global Legal Awards

Second Edition of BW Legal World Global Legal Summit and Legal Leader Awards

We are pleased to share that our Senior Partner, Safir Anand, has received the coveted BW Businessworld Global Leaders award in the category, “Most Innovative Lawyer of the Year” 2020 at the second edition of the BW Global Legal Summit. The virtual event was held on January 23, 2021. 

This distinguished award is an acknowledgement of the onerous work undertaken by Safir who never steers away from taking an uncharted course. It honours his innovative adroitness and commitment to continuously embark on a journey of pursuing ingenuity in the projects he undertakes, most often flipping assumptions.

Inspired by the unbridled will to experiment and reinvent the wheel, Safir has been a front runner in looking for fresh communication tools and effectively connecting the myriad dots.

The esteemed Jury comprised Hon’ble Chief Justice Dipak Misra, Hon’ble Justice AK Sikri, Hon’ble Justice Deepak Varma, Hon’ble Justice KSP Radhakrishnan, Mr. KTS Tulsi, Ms. Geeta Luthra, Mr. Cyril Shroff, and Mr. Neeraj Kishan Kaul.

Applauding Safir’s achievement, Hon’ble Chief Justice Dipak Misra remarked, “Innovation is the Elan Vital of life and You are an innovator.”

“There is nothing more meaningful in life than to get a pat from the legend. As a child I have seen many of the Jury members already so successful in life that they have always been a source of inspiration…A big thanks to Businessworld and Legalworld and the entire legal fraternity because each one of us complements each other. There’s no way there can be a winner without competition and in every competition there are traces of knowledge that add up and knowledge is the biggest empowerment that a person can ever dream of”, said Safir.

Sending a word of encouragement to the young, aspiring lawyers, he added, “ This is one of the most beautiful fields to be in. You will be in control of the past when you study precedent and you will be in control of the future because you will shape it.”

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