Utsavam 2020's session on Art and Law

The fifth edition of DakshinaChitra’s annual music and dance festival, Utsavam 2020’s session on Art and Law served as an excellent platform for discussion on the evolution of traditional arts. The session with Hon’ble Justice Ms. Prabha Sridevan (retired) and Mr. M. S. Bharath gave an insight on the laws that protect an artists’ rights, and highlighted the fundamental clause: ‘The person who creates it owns it unless commissioned’.

The discussion brought to the fore the importance of copyright protection and underlined its robustness on how an artist can protect his creation for the full term with the help of copyright laws.

It highlighted that copyright laws can protect one’s work for one’s lifetime and for 60 years after with every individual owning their individual contribution in a joint production. It is protected even without registration and any person uploading the content on the Internet or uses it otherwise, permission needs to be sought from the owner. And in the case of a violation, the onus to enforce his rights rests on the owner of the copyright. The case of Lalgudi G. Jayaraman and Others vs Cleveland Cultural Alliance was cited as an example of the Copyright law protecting the rights of the author / creator, who was vigilant in enforcing his rights.

Read more at- https://www.thehindu.com/entertainment/dance/of-copyright-choreography-and-the-way-forward/article31048976.ece

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