Intellectual Property in Electronics and Software: India

The information technology sector in India has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade, turning India into a hub for software development and outsourcing.

Revenue generated through software development and related activities exceeded US$100 billion in the financial year 2011-2012 contributing 7.5% of India’s total GDP compared with a meagre 1.2% in the financial year 1997-1998. The sector has also been at the helm of fostering innovation and providing employment in the country.

However, piracy in India is still rampant, with a piracy rate of 63% in the country compared to an estimated world piracy rate of 42%. This not only results in loss of revenue to. software companies and government but also has a significant stifling effect on innovation. Strong domestic legislation is therefore required to counter piracy while at the same time protecting and encouraging domestic development of software and technology.

Authored by Nishchal Anand and Pravin Anand.

This chapter was published in Intellectual Property in Electronics and Software in 2013.

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