Mapping Trends in Intellectual Property Law in India

Courts coming down hard on contemnors and a broadening scope of rights; Pravin Anand looks at what this all spells for IP rights holders in India.

These are exciting times for intellectual property law in India. Over the last couple of years, intellectual property law in India has seen unprecedented activity on several fronts – substantive law, procedural law, interaction with other laws, systemic changes at the governmental level and a realignment of IP policy. These trends suggest a move towards broader protection, broader remedies and simpler procedure for conducting IP lawsuits. However, a new ‘booby trap’ that has emerged is Competition law which is being applied to whittle down intellectual property rights.

This article maps the trends in the development of intellectual property law and policy in India in the recent past and makes predictions (where appropriate) of the likely repercussions of these trends.

This article was published in Expert Guides Best of the Best 2014.

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