SILF AI Conference 2024

SILF AI Conference 2024

We encounter artificial intelligence multiple times every day in our routine lives. The dominant debate today is how will the law regulate AI, or how it will necessitate a change in the law. Does the world need an international, harmonised system of laws for a consistent treatment of AI?

Another debate surrounds AI’s permeance in all our affairs, and how public trust is vital for its widespread adoption and acceptance. Today, there is a strong call for the AI narrative being an inclusive one, and not shaped by any one country, and where each region and culture has a voice.

The Society Of Indian Law Firms (SILF), the apex body of law firms in India, under the able leadership of Dr. Lalit Bhasin, is organizing the ‘SILF AI Conference 2024’.

The conference will bring legal, scientific, technical, cyber, policy and governance experts to identify a roadmap for embracing AI as a tool rather than a threat.

Registration link to open soon.