Zoho Creator

Global Tech Innovation Awards

We are pleased to share that we have been recognized for tech innovation at the global Zoho Creator Awards.

In a tumultuous year when businesses all over the world were struggling to stay afloat, there were leaders who not only seized the reins of the situation and sailed through, but also explored new frontiers by innovating and strategising their approach to unprecedented circumstances.

The Project Implementation Approach

The project was led from the CEO’s office and a core team of “Super Users” was constituted. This team took charge of configuring the process and workflow management tool and enabling user adoption through training and other initiatives. Despite being non-programmers, the Super Users developed skills to create apps on Zoho creator both from a business and technical standpoint, without any internal or external IT resources, and created robust custom apps in a truly AatmaNirbhar (self-reliant) manner.

Our CEO, Rajiv Maheshwari, guided the team to align the PITSTOP components of Process, Information and data, Technology, Strategy, Training, Operations and People to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

The “pitstop” mindset was also used as a metaphor, so that man and machine worked collaboratively. Consequently, these citizen developer initiatives also helped boost the morale of the team, besides readying our digital infrastructure for the New Normal.

Case Study – Anand and Anand’s Mission for Self-Reliance

The innovative manner in which the business users stepped up to create business apps on their own and the creativity on display while using the platform, such as conducting events, helped the firm win this recognition at a global level. It also prompted Zoho to create and publish a case study titled, “Anand and Anand’s Mission for Self-reliance”.

The case study, along with an e-book, documents our firm’s journey, particularly in the context of our citizen developer initiatives. Quite unlike other technology oriented case studies, this one does not just talk about the technology and business impact. It goes one step ahead and captures the empowerment of people, unleashing of their innate creativity and the positive impact on their mental well-being.

As mentioned by Rajiv Maheshwari, “We believe the implementation of Zoho Creator and the changes it brought about at Anand and Anand is nothing short of a miracle, and speaks volumes about the platform and the spirit of our users. In an otherwise tough external environment, the Zoho Creator project was a morale and confidence booster for our team and the entire organization.”

Read the case study at click here and the e-book at click here