Glorious Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee - Work Anniversary of Narulaji at Anand and Anand

In a world where most organizations themselves don’t last for 50 years, presenting Jaswant Chadha aka Narulaji. She has just completed a golden jubilee i.e. 50 glorious years with the Anand and Anand family, endearing her more to her work family than even her own!

The entire Anand and Anand team was joined by Narulaji’s family to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of her work anniversary. From the cake to the decorations to the sash that read, “Golden Girl”, the event glittered in brilliant gold, reflecting the golden times that she has spent with the firm.

However, in her characteristic style, she spoke as much about her future plans with the firm as she did reflecting on the golden years.

Reminiscing her first day in the organization she said, “It feels like just yesterday… I really feel proud and honoured to have worked under the management of Anand and Anand for 50 years. I am grateful to the management for their continued support, comforts, respect, trust and for always considering me as an asset of the firm. This journey of 50 years could never be completed without the support, best wishes and help of my colleagues, friends, and my support staff including each and every member of the firm”.

Presenting some memories from the golden jubilee celebrations

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