A Contemporary IP Regime

Anand and Anand

Asia Business Law Journal’s latest article – “A contemporary IP regime” explores the recent developments and advances in India’s patent and trademark regulations. In this regard, the publication sought Safir Anand’s insights.

Speaking of the massive influx of technology into the legal system, Safir stated that a majority of IP processes have moved online. From the digitization of records at the tribunals and courts to e-hearings and online documentation and e-receipts; the entire process of uploading documents is now digital, which empowers better compliance with deadlines and ensures comfort in knowing all that was to be pleaded is on record.

Safir highlighted the many benefits of digitization of IP, such as accelerated exam process and strong document archive.

Among other significant developments, Safir spoke of declaration of trademarks as well-known, sensitization of brand owners to evaluate, value, and enhance the commercial value of their brands, formulation of guidelines prohibiting the misuse of names, and many other advancements that have strengthened the IP regime of the Indian subcontinent. 

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