Brand Valuation Conference hosted jointly with UK Intellectual Property Office

Organised by Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom and Anand and Anand, the conference on “Brand Management: Valuation and Protection” builds on joint UK-India efforts to facilitate ease of business and protect intellectual property.

Adam Williams of the UK IPO and Pravin Anand, Managing Partner, Anand and Anand, opened the conference on the heels of the Prime Ministers of United Kingdom and India having signed an MoU on Intellectual Property, which will promote innovation, creativity and economic growth in both countries.

Affirming the commitment the UK has made to encouraging business ties with India, Adam Williams emphasised intellectual property being fundamental to those commitments. Pravin Anand reiterated that both countries have a lot to learn from each other, with the Indian legal system more mature at handling unconventional forms of intellectual property.

The speakers, representing the legal IP fraternity in the UK, brand management consultancies and businesses, both established and start-ups, addressed the increasing importance of brands and intangibles in today’s business environment. The conference was the first in a series of an ongoing collaboration between the UK IPO and Anand and Anand relating to Brand Valuation.