Fashion World Facing Adversity of Plagiarism

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Safir Anand’s views on how a better awareness of their rights will help designers better protect their rights reported in a Business World article on plagiarism in the fashion industry.

Extracts from the article:

Safir Anand, copyright expert, while shedding light on the issue said, “To improve the scenario, it is imperative that the design community engages to understand the scope of rights, the scope of protection, the advantages of protection and the advantages of enforcement.”

He further said that the situation will improve when courts fast track such matters (already under consideration) and encourage to grant exemplary and punitive damages. “Things will also get better if there is a specific legislation that tackles the interest of the fashion industry and does away with the requirement to protect the work before any commercial launch,” he added.

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Safir Anand has been invited by the Fashion Design Council of India to its Board of Directors to “help members solve copyright issues”.