High Court orders promoters of Pro Kabaddi League to deposit royalties due to ISRA

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Delhi High Court orders the promoters of Pro Kabaddi League, Mashal Sport, to deposit Rs.5 lakhs towards royalties, with the court.

The Indian Singers’ Rights Association had filed a suit for infringement of performers right and the Right to Receive Royalty before the Delhi High Court for music being played during Pro Kabaddi League matches in its 5th season without clearance.

The court accepted submissions on behalf of ISRA and directed defendant No. 1 (Mashal Sports) to deposit a sum of Rs.5 lakhs, as royalty with the Registrar General of the Delhi High Court.

It took the view that ISRA had a strong prima facie case in view of the precedents in its favour, and had the defendants not agreed to deposit the royalty in court, they would have had to suffer an injunction.

 The Indian Singers’ Rights Association v Mashal Sports Pvt. Ltd. & anr; before the Delhi High Court; order dated 26.7.2017

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