Storm the Norm: Safir Anand Debunks the Notion that the Profession of Law is Boring

Storm the Norm

Senior Partner Safir Anand was invited to be the Guest Speaker at Storm the Norm, an interesting podcast series that focuses on challenging and breaking old business norms, hosted by Grant Thornton LLP., in its latest episode, “Doomed to be deemed boring: Not every profession can be creative”.

Safir, from his rich spectrum of opulent experiences in strategising and innovating for several leading businesses across the globe, shared how the journey of the new-age lawyer is similar to that of an entrepreneur who encounters issues from business disruption, competitor analysis, government policies, consumer behaviour to unprecedented situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and how strategy and creativity play a crucial role in each stage of their journey.

Safir added, “the legal profession is getting embedded very deeply into business. A lawyer is not just meant to solve a problem; he is also required to avert a problem and capitalise on an opportunity because if the law is not contributing to the economic modes, then it is quite disconnected from the entire objective of the management. Today, business uncertainty is quite high and the lawyer has to match his expectations with finance, marketing, budgets, corporate governance, innovative thinking etc. Therefore, the law has to factor in business requirements and strategize in a way that is not only strategic advice but optimum strategic advice. The bringing together of disciplines such as economics, behavioural science, risk management, etc. has become a critical part of legal management”.

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