IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders

IAM Strategy 300 invited our Managing Partner Pravin Anand to share his insights on his successful career journey and tips for other IP practitioners looking to progress.

On how lawyers can ensure long-lasting relationships with international clients, Mr. Anand stated, “First, the most important tip is to be sincere with your clients, which means being straightforward and honest. If you cannot obtain a particular order, do not create false expectations. Second, there is no substitute for high-quality work, which includes in-depth domain knowledge, a thorough mastery of the facts, and experienced winning strategies. Third, provide speedy responses even if they are less comprehensive.”

Mr. Anand highlighted the factors that make for a successful conclusion to a case. He stated, “There are two things to remember. First, as well as a duty to the client, lawyers also have a duty towards upholding the correct principles of law – this might sometimes oblige them to accept a little less for their client if there is a trade-off for a correct precedent. While this can annoy clients, in the long run, lawyers who follow such principles will earn the respect of the courts, academics, their peers, and their clients”.

IAM says, “Few if any individuals can match Pravin Anand’s level of achievement in Indian intellectual property practice. He perfectly understands the needs of industry-leading innovators and is ready with innovative strategies for achieving their IP and business objectives”.

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Earlier this year, Pravin Anand was ranked as IAM Strategy 300 Global Leader. Read the full report here

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